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AliEngine Extracts Commissions from AliExpress

AliEngine is geared to allow people to monetize their WordPress Blog and build AliExpress Affiliate Stores fast in 2 minutes! There is a huge and untapped opportunity for your subscribers.

AliExpress (Ali Baba) is way bigger than Amazon and Ebay combine with commission up to 50%

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About AliEngine

Why Your Subscribers Will Love AliExpress Affiliate Program?

  • Huge commission payout - paying up to 50% in commission
  • AliExpress does over $240billion in sales yearly
  • No affiliate location restrictions - Affiliate can make sales globally
  • Bigger than Amazon and eBay combine
  • Millions of consumers goods to earn from

AliEngine Plugin Features

  • You can create AliExpress stores in minutes
  • Your affiliate IDs reflects on all products links, even if you are importing in thousands
  • You get paid when your site visit returns to AliExpress - 30days cookies
  • Product filtering option, import only products with your choice keywords
  • Auto update product names, price etc and your store will be up to date.
  • product translation - You can chose to translate your shop products into 10+ languages
  • Easily find desired products on AliExpress.com to add to your website. Specify a category, keywords, price, commission rate, purchase volume and more to find best products.
  • Easily check how many products are loaded to your website, how many views and redirects to AliExpress each of your products gets.

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Today, I’ve got some questions for you…

Are you interested in opening an affiliate online store but find that Amazon and Ebay’s opportunities pay pennies when you deserve far more? Do you feel like everywhere you go and every opportunity you come across is designed to pad the pockets of everyone but you? Are you tired of being taken advantage of by big businesses?

Think of Amazon and Ebay as school yard bullies who spend every free moment tipping kids upside down and collecting the money that falls out of their pants. They laugh as they go from one kid to the next, clearly void of a conscience. Money is their goal and they don’t care who they have to rob to get it.

I feel the time has come to run the bullies off the school yard. My friend Able Chika have created a powerful and high in-demand plugin called AliEngine Store Builder and it’s meant to put money in your pocket, not take it away!


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This system is dedicated to teach you the same thing that six figure marketers use to make massive money from home via ecommerce affiliate marketing. In fact, you can make $500 a day! It’s a system built by proven affiliate marketer for you if you want to start domination the AliExpress Affiliate program.


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I have a guarantee for you. Whether we grow exponentially or stay a small player, you will never slip through the cracks.




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Today I want to share something special with you. A story of liberation!

Carl Sitter was a man beaten down by life. His full time job was a constant stream of dreary days answering phones in a small cubicle. The only window he had access to was his computer screen. It gave him a view of a world filled with opportunities.

One day, while eating a ham and cheese sandwich on lunch, he came across a wonderful opportunity. A program named the AliExpress Affiliate Program had hit the market and was loaded with benefits to help people like him, people who wanted to do something different with their life.

Carl did further research and found that Amazon and Ebay offered the same type of opportunity, however when he read the fine print the decision was easy: Amazon offered a maximum of 16% commission while AliExpress offered up to 50%!

He also discovered something rather shocking, AliExpress affiliate programs,

  • Converts site visitors an average of 3.5% conversion rate
  • It does more sales than Amazon and Ebay combine
  • It did an average turnaround of over $240billion last year


It didn’t take long at all for Carl to quit his dreary job and work from home comfortably. You too can make massive commissions.

AliExpress, part of Alibaba provide untapped market which is still underutilized and rules by only very few genius marketers while general public struggle for penny in amazon stores.

To make it easier for you Able Chika has come up with an easier plugin that can help you install and build your own AliExpress affiliate stores in minutes.


But I can only say one thing – This ecommerce giant will continue to dominate the affiliate marketing niche this 2015 and years to come. Why did I say this, it’s no longer news that on average their affiliates banks over $1600 monthly. Now let me ask, how much do you think you can make when AliEngine Plugin can help you build your own store and you can import thousands of products to your stores in minutes?. [Your Affiliate Link Here]





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If I was to tell you that I wanted to build you a home and fill it full with everything you’d ever need, what would you say? Would you feel like you just won some kind of lottery and wonder what other wonderful things life had in store?

It’s my absolute pleasure to offer you the next best thing! Although I don’t have the money or the resources to build you a full home, I have built a program that gives you everything you need to make plenty of money by building your own affiliate online store, filled to the brim with products and services that will have customers lining up outside your doors.


These were the words of Able Chika! Want to hear and see how he can help you build your internet business [Click here for more]


I guarantee you that AliEngine Store Builder is the online equivalent to building you a house and filling it full with everything you will ever need.

Yes with this wordpress plugin you can build your AliExpress affiliate stores in minutes, need I tell you that Amazon and eBay are now obsolete when it comes to Ecommerce affiliate marketing.


How would a 50% commission payout  sound? Moreso, this platform rocks and penetrates countries and marketplace where your almight Amazon and ebay cannot dream of. Over 200 countries trusts and buys from AliExpress [Alibaba].

There are many out there who play fast and loose with the rules, who will make their customers lower than top priority. Not this system. I want you to know that you’re always a top priority.

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Enjoy! And reap the benefits!




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Just imagine if you hadn’t read the fine print when you were going to sign up with Amazon’s affiliate online store opportunity. They would have profited greatly from your hard work while you saw very little. They would have fed you a line similar to this: “A small piece of a huge pie is better than a big piece of a small pie.”

They would have hidden behind the name recognition and continued to rip you off…

Luckily, you didn’t jump in without reading the fine print. And when you saw the ridiculous terms, you sought out a better option.

Ebay came up next; it was no better. I want to introduce to an affiliate program that is larger than ebay and Amazon combine and not only that you get paid up to 50% in commissions

Are you ready to make 50% commissions and make massive money from home? Stop waiting. This is the best opportunity for you.

It turns out Amazon was wrong: a big piece of a small pie is the better way to go!

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Does the idea of making massive money while sleeping entice you? Are you interested in a system that’s able to fill your bank account week after week, month after month without wasting time and money on useless money-making-systems that pay you only 16% commissions?


Guess what? We’ve got something special for you! Something that is going to help you make some decent money every day.

Now, you may be wondering if it’s too good to be true. It sounds like the recipe for a lawsuit, doesn’t it? I would agree with you entirely if it wasn’t entirely legal and tested by millions of people out there.



Now with this powerful system, you can make massive commissions with ALI EXPRESS. This tool will hold you by hand and expose to you a magical way to get 50% commissions and make $100 (or even $500) per day from home. The last thing I want to see is an opportunity filled to the brim with potential end up fatally biting you.


You will get complete training, success shortcuts and much more. This is your chance to make some RED HOT cash from home.

Take it, harness it, and benefit greatly from it!


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